The town of Amaofuo is made up of 4 villages namely:

1. Amorie
2. Ebisi
3. Ubaha
4. Umuduru

This information was provided by Benjamin Agwunobi of UK Branch. To provide additional information about Amaofuo, please use the comment form below.

7 Thoughts on “Amaofuo-Town”

  • I am proudly Amaofuo son of the soil, My name is Asochukwu Onukaeze from Umuduru based in India. I am very happy seeing my hometown here. my thanks goes to Mr. Benji Agwunobi for taking us along.

  • am from EBISI in AMAOFUO… please all of you that God have blessed come back home because together we will make our land great. God bless AMAOFUO.

  • I am proudly Amaofuo son of the soil. My name is Donald Nwaoha from Ebisi, based in Lagos. I’m happy to see my home town here. Big thanks to our big bros, real son of the soil Mr B Agwunobi. Jah bless Amaofuo.

  • My pretty wife is from Umuduru Amaofuo. I’m always proud of the unity & love existing in d community.

  • From umuduru. It’s nice seeing my hometown listed here. I pray God Almighty restore peace in our land and bless us all to bring amazing transformation to AMAOFUO

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