Ubulu is one of the cardinal towns in Oru West Local Government. There are three autonomous communities, comprising: Umunna/Amadiehi; Amorie/Umuchukwu and Eziama/Ubaha.

Umunna Village comprises: Umudimonyima, Dudunmiri and Uzinamba. The following are from Umudimonyima: Umuoleaku, Umuonyenyile, Umuoru, Umuanyachu and Ihejiofor.

Amadiehi Village comprises: Umuokpara and Ohakpu
Amorie Village comprises: Umudara, Ubahadara, Amorie Umunkwa and Umuefechi.
Umuchukwu Village comprises of Umuchukwu.
Eziama Village comprises: Uziezike, Umudim, Umuanghu, Ojoko, Umuezeala, Umuuzu and Ubahaokum.
Ubaha Village comprises: Umuokpara, Umuodiri and Umuekwoabo.

Ubulu Town has a rich and interesting history, and more information will be supplied shortly.

This information was provided by Sir Innocent Mgbobukwa of UK Branch. To provide additional information about Ubulu, please use the comment form below.



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  • I want to use this mediun to let you know that I am from Ubulu in Oru west local gov’t area of Imo State. i’m not too conversant with coming home but I would like to know the activities of my town in order to have some senses of belonging.

  • Onyeganochie Uche Sunday • 4 years ago  Uche, Good morning my time here in Johannesburg, South Africa. Its 5:22 AM now and May I know your residential country exactly. Thank you. OBI.

  • I am from Ubulu-Ubaha Oru West.. I live in Malaysia
    Holla me +60-149235546. I am happy to be part of this community

  • I am delighted to know that these communities are mentioned here. I am a proud son of Ubaha Ubulu, based here in Abuja with my family and looking forward to meeting great people of Ubulu to discuss ways and strategies to better UBULU. I can be reached on +2349092066621. My name is Kelechi Uzor. God bless the initiator of this platform and your team.

  • I am a true son of the soil from UBULU, please Amaidehi village comprises of Umuezeala, Umuezike and Umuokpara. please my good brother do correct/ update accordingly. I’m from Amadehi, presently working and living in Nigeria, and could be reached by my email elzarokechukwu at yahoo.com. i will like to be contributing to your future publications, mean while many thanks for your initial efforts.

  • Good to know about this & happy to meet U guys…. I’m from Umuonyeyile, lives in Qatar. Asia… E-mail: madu4man at yahoo.com

  • Nwanne pls how can u help me get visa to Qatar. I play football, I am from ubulu ihejiofor and also from okwikpa village near amadiehi and u can as well reach me via my Gmail ezebista2015 at gmail.com

  • My name is ifeanyi ezike. I am from amorie…am very happy seeing my village here and also seeing that i have brothers in too many countries. I live in Germany and anyone can get me on my facebook k_ezike at yahoo.com.

  • Amadiehi Village comprises UMUEZEALA, UMUEZIKE AND UMUOKPARA…Plz take note and do the corrections

  • Thanks for your contribution to this web. The reason for this web is gradually making sense. Thank you so very much.

  • My Brothers and Sisters, I will like to know if there is a union / meeting for Ubulu indigenes living in London. Am from Umuezike, Amadiehi Village. My email is tonyokolie at yahoo.com. Very grateful for any communication or information. God bless.

  • How is life over there? Well I’m from umuokpara in amadiehi village. I am based in bangkok city of thailand. my facebook account is glitey4real at yahoo .com

  • Glad to read about ubulu in google. obioha asomba m a dunatum is my name from umuonyeyile ubulu. live in brazil south america. reach me through email macnobis at yahoo.com

  • Some villages were omitted from Amorie ubulu autonomous community list. They include Umuebi, ezike ukwu, ubahadara, umudara. pls try and update soonest.
    Engr. Udeagu Blaise o

  • I am from Ubulu, from OBI Family and lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. Please anyone from Ubulu can reach me at cwilson3301 at yahoo.com or 27 72 303 66 19. I am delighted to read this over the internet.

  • I’m from Eziama Ubulu, and live in India, you can reach me on this email emmaekene41yahoo .com, tell 00919769403460, god be with you guys

  • Umu Nnaa Biko nu K’anyi na e de korita nu akwukwo nu-umu ihe ji kotara ndi Ubulu no ebe di iche iche

    I thank all of you and keep looking forward when there will be established forum for all Ubulians across the globe.
    Many thanks and God’s blessing
    Engr. Okey Agujioke (President – Amadehi Caretaker Development Committee) – Ichie Oha-ma-Dike

  • My name is Okey Dubai. I’m from Eziama Ubulu and I live in Dubai and Egypt, now in Nigeria. I’m from Odiegwu family and I’m happy today seeing my brothers from different countries together here online. Please my email address is (ukuaeokey at gmail.com) and my number is 08069256063. I’m on Facebook, Jack Okechukwu Madu. It will be my pleasure for us to come together and help each other. Thanks and God bless.

  • My great people of Ubulu Ihejiofor, please what is the name of Ihejiofor’s father and how many children did he give birth to. Also what are the names of these children? Thanks, Uzochukwu from Okwaikwo, Ubulu Ihejiofor.

  • My good and beloved brothers of ubulu in Oru West LGA am happy a platform of this nature exist for us to interact and exchange views nice being here Alagwu Stanley from eziama ubulu.

  • Good day sir,
    My name is Donald Mgbeobukwa, and I’m from ubulu, Oru west LGA of Imo State. I’m a student of History and international studies, at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, popularly known as (UNN).
    Please I’m writing a project on Ubulu, and my topic is “CHIEFTAINCY INSTITUTION IN UBULU UP TILL 2016”. Please I need more information about the people and the system. I will indeed be grateful if I could get such information sent to me. Thank you sir

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